Marketing department

A creative team crafted on your specific need. The most efficient & effective way to enhance your brand

Market keeps changing and consumer specific needs are evolving within new generations.
That’s why marketing teams must embrace a lean, agile and flexible model for executing marketing operations. Your brand will be supported by Duing and a crafted Marketing Department

Here an example of an ad hoc team to meet your specific need :

SEO specialist

Allows you to be found online from who is looking for your service or product

SEM specialist

Promote your own brand, products and services through search engines

Web development

Strengthen the brand image through a simple and catchy website

Content specialist

Creatie digital assets to be relevant to your target

Social media specialist

Set a social community where your customer can connect with you. Advertise products and services to your target market

Email specialist

Create a strategic channel to communicate with your loyal customers