One challenge

Identify your business challenge,
set the budget, brief the community
and get lots of ideas & creative routes

Duing has a dedicated space where companies can get in touch with students with the specific goal of co-creating with them. The students’ crowd can be engaged for:
Ideation: brainstorming and idea stemming from a real, commited audience.
Content: actual creation of creative assets that can be used straight away or with minimal adjustments.

Everything that comes out from Duing’s community unveils collective intelligence, thanks to the diversity of participants and the fact that they don’t influence each other.

Here some examples of what business can look for on Duing:

Innovation: product, service, experience or business model innovation

Marketing: branding strategy, communications (positioning, platforms, creative development, community set up), brand activation and promotions

Design: web, packaging, point of sale, retail